Ultrasonic acoustic technologies

on control service over underground workings


Development of deposits of mineral salts by the solution mining method through the wells drilled from a surface

Creation of underground storages by the method of the underground solution for pumping oil, gas, ethylene, poisonous waste

The study of the unconsolidated zones of rocks in both cased and uncased parts of the well with complications in drilling.

Our solutions

LAS complex

Created on the basis of unique technical solutions, long-term experience, long and laborious work of all collective. The device carries out the detailed scanning of a surface of cavity walls with the continuous determination of the current speed of a sound in a working environment and fixing of the current azimuth on each emanation of a signal.

Test experiments of the range of distance measurements in the TsAGI reservoir (Moscow) confirmed the working range from 0,5 to 160 meters for the lateral antenna, the range of 0,5 - 50 meters for ground and additional antennas. Results were received at the radiation power, minimum for such distances, while the useful power developed on antennas in the radiation mode can be increased.

Control tests of the complex for the purpose of the actual definition of a form and the amount of the underground development in rock salt deposits through one and two columns, proved the reliability of the obtaining information on camera geometry. The conducted researches and further practice, allow us to claim that:

  • measurement of radiuses through one tubing in the range from 1.5 to 70 meters;
  • measurements of radiuses through two tubings in the range from 8 to 30 meters may be made with the help of the LAS complex.

Solutions in development

LAS - Kaverna

Owing to the possibility of the zenith deviation of the antenna module, the complex is capable:

  • to carry out the shooting of a dome and a ground part with the identification of local ledges and hollows on their surface;
  • to carry out the shooting of a cavity from under a column, at the impossibility of its rise;
  • to define the reflection from the border of solvent - not solvent with the subsequent determination of its depth.

LAS - Autonom

The device realizes all opportunities of the LAS serial device. Besides:

  • the record is saved to the internal memory of the device, the work is from the built-in power source;
  • the device is made in the anticorrosive execution for the work in the corrosive environment;
  • external diameter allows to pass through a lubricator and to work in the wells which are under pressure.

LAS - Bishofit

Researches and the modification of the equipment for more productive work for mining of bishofite on radiuses to 60 meters in the open camera are conducted.


Development of the device allowing to find cavities behind the column after the cementation when drilling oil and gas wells is conducted. It also may estimate their geometrical parameters.


Production and delivery

The production and supply of the equipment and technologies control of a form and the spatial location of the development on the enterprises using sound location in production.

Service and support

Training of the personnel to work with our equipment. Setting up the software and forms of the reporting according to the production specifics. Service of the equipment which is in operation.

Carrying out measurements

Definition of a form and volume of underground cameras by the LAS standard complex. Exclusive works on the definition of a form and assessment of a condition of dome and ground parts of the camera. Carrying out researches on a wire.

Custom Software Development

Customization and modernization of the equipment for new tasks.

Development of the completely new software solutions for any tasks.

What Clients Say About Us

Leonid Volodin

Chief of sector of OTS JSC Kaustik

Anton Tiptev

Geophysicist of the 1st category of field party AO "BSK"

Nikolay Selivanovsky

CEO of JSC Aksol

About the company

LAS Technology is created for providing the qualified services in the market of an ultrasonic geolocation.

LLC LAS Technology works together with LLC Special Geophysical Systems.

LLC Special Geophysical Systems works at the market since 1996 and is one of the leading developers and suppliers of the geophysical equipment in the Russian market.

Why LAS Technology

because thanks to them clients see there where others simply look.


Since 2008 the LAS complex is presented in the market of geophysical services of Russia and the CIS countries.


Only we give the development geometry through 2 columns in rock salt that is confirmed with official tests. The equipment surely feels in cavities with difficult geometry (a tilt angle of walls of a cavity is 45 degrees).


The equipment underwent testing, is registered in the State registry of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation and has certificates from Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

We have not got any refusal from our customers for 5 years of our work.

Participation and support

We are always on line for our clients. We are one team with them.


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